Off Street

With over 200 car parks, every hour there are over 3.500 persons choosing one of our off-street car parking sites for their vehicles. Because cities are always on the move and there’s a high concentration of administrative, shopping and leisure activity, car park infrastructures become one of the solutions that facilitate urban mobility to be fluent and therefore cities are easier to access.


Our solid experience can be very useful for city residents as well as for visitors. We promote and manage car parks, for both public and private organizations such as hotels, airports, hospitals, harbor front areas, shopping centers, transport interchanges… and with in-house developed technology our clients can streamline operations and remain in control of their facilities by accessing all the required information in real time.


With our client’s needs and car park customers in mind, we combine experience, knowledge and flexibility in our team and technology to stay close to you and ahead of the market. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and with other sector stakeholders, so that we can design the best suited management scheme for your car parking infrastructures.